Friday, May 11, 2007

What Type of User are You??

In the wake of Web 2.0 /We Web increased use, The Pew (Charitable Trust) Internet American Life Project conducted a survey designed to classify Americans into different groups of technology users. Makes for very interesting reading. Pew has a great reputation in the non-profit world.

Here is the link to the Publication Abstract and a link to the very quick to complete survey. In less than five minutes see who has some of the same characteristics as you do.

I classified as an Omnivore.


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Anonymous said...

I am "Connected But Hassled." I think that's a fair assessment of my private persona, but not my professional one. Perhaps that's the point, with Web.2 all sorts of edges are being blurred.

For anyone who's like me and likes to be prepared for a "new" experience, I can recommend following Maurice's link to the King County Library.2 programs before you go to the Tech Fair.