Friday, May 4, 2007

The Left Coast Speaks- 27 things in Washington State

King County Library System 27 Things Website.

Look what we could do! and look at how many staff they have participating.

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tmpgrace said...

I've done most of the things on the list of 27, though I'm now exploring the few I've missed so far. The real challenge is finding ways to integrate these things into one's life. My peers don't use them, and some are downright hostile (otherwise known as "insecure"). I don't get much out of meeting 20-somethings on Second Life, I'm not a single looking to hook up with anyone, I'm jealous of my time and would often rather play the piano and guitar, make cheese, bake bread, work in the garden, go out hiking, and all that. These things can be major time-sucking enterprises. My closest experience with the world taking shape around us was on a recent camping trip to Ithaca, NY. We took our cell phones (the numbers of which no one knows), laptop and MP3 player, found a cafe/restaurant called the Smart Monkey (based on an experiment in which monkeys could distinguish organic fruit from commercially produced stuff) with its free wifi, tracked emails, kept in touch with a realtor, listened to a recorded book until the mp3 player died (the replacement we ordered has to be sent back because it showed up defective), etc. I kinda liked it. But I still need peers to keep up and keep the skills honed. Perhaps our customers are our peers as well as our friends and relatives. If we start IM-ing, text messaging, emailing, sharing of music on our I-Pods, we may actually save a generation from complete illiteracy.